Company PANEK S.A. walks along the path of four key values ​​such as Friendliness, Commitment, Innovation and Sharing. Acting according to strictly selected rules that allows us to proclaim the slogan "The Art of Sharing", which perfectly describes the mission of PANEK S.A. From broadly understood art to pro-social activities, PANEK engages its strength in promoting ecological and safe attitudes for people and the environment. By regularly participating in cultural events and events, we contribute to the development of the emotional sphere of CarSharing users and local communities. It is worth noting that the PANEK CarSharing service is available throughout the country, and more special zones are still being created, allowing users to move around a given area.

The originator and advocate of the slogan "The Art of Sharing" is the president of PANEK S.A. - Maciej Panek. A man with an extraordinary business instinct has been at the helm of the company for 22 years. The experience gathered over the years of running his business allows him to set new, clear goals, and his great sensitivity allows him to put the good of man on top in every situation. A well-known patron of the arts, painting lover, avid photographer, music creator and multi-instrumentalist, he willingly plays the role of a mentor, pointing to novice businessmen not only the bright sides of running their own business.
The effect of the PANEK founder passion for modern art is the company's logotype, but also a symbol in the form of Birdman, which has become a permanent part of the minds of the observers of the Panek service straight from the painting by Robert Romanowicz.

One of the important aspects of the company's operations is social responsibility. As part of its mission, PANEK S.A. regularly organizes a blood donation in which the company's employees and users of the CarSharing service participate. The blood is collected on purpose to help victims of traffic accidents, and the action itself is becoming increasingly large and becomes a recognizable activity for the society.

The campaign to help Ukrainian citizens fleeing the country before the war turned out to be a special proof of the operation of the slogan "The Art Of Sharing". By decision of the management board of PANEK S.A. 1,000 cars were handed over to the volunteers, which transported refugees from the Polish-Ukrainian border into the interior of the country. It should be added, however, that it was a grassroots initiative of the company's employees, who are always willing to help, showing extraordinary empathy and commitment to social issues as well as helping the weaker and those in need.

To sum up, involvement in social matters, deeply rooted kindness and empathy, as well as sensitivity manifested by focusing on art make "The Art Of Sharing" is not only a slogan, but a philosophy of life and a map of conduct for the entire PANEK S.A. organization.

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