Ferrari F430

Air conditioning
Seats: 2
Doors: 2
Range: 300 km

The F430 is another Ferrari, after the F360, that you can use to move around the city every day. It is comfortable and, in a way, very convenient. The name of the model comes from the engine capacity (4.3 l), which is traditionally located for the brand centrally behind the driver's back and drives the rear wheels. The sports coupe wears the most famous shade of red, Scuderia Rosso. However, not everyone knows that the traditional color of Ferrari and at the same time the favorite of the company's founder - Enzo Ferrari, was yellow (Giallo Modena) appearing in the brand's coat of arms. The 8-cylinder F430 engine develops 490 hp and can accelerate to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. Its maximum speed is given for information only, it is 315 km/h! 
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