With the daily packages, you will pay only PLN 1.49 for each kilometer driven in a passenger car. A daily package costs PLN 99 - driving time still remains free. This is a simple and convenient alternative to smart pricing if you have specific plans for your trip. You don't have to calculate the cost of the ride yourself. Now it's convenient and fast again!  


We provide free fuel for you and public SPP car parks in our zones. What's more - you can use refueling and washing bonuses to save even more during your daily driving.  Thanks to the Smart Week subscription, you will not pay a starting fee for a week and you will be protected against damages. 


With us you can ride as you want and whenever you want - no deposit, no formalities - phone with our new application. Cars are available 24/7 in the largest cities in Poland. Over 1,000 different PANEK cars are waiting for you!  Use all over the country and even beyond its borders! You can go to the Czech Republic or Slovakia at no extra charge. 

migration - STEP BY STEP

Step 1

Uninstall the old one
PANEK app. 

Check tke e-mail adress you used in our service (you can check the address to which invoices were sent.

Step 2

Download and install
PANEK app.

Step 3

Log in.

Remember! You do not need to create a new account if you have already used the service.

Just use your existing e-mail address.

Step 4

Enter your phone number.

Step 5

Create a password
consisting of:
- a capital letter
- lower case
- min. 8 characters
- special character
- numbers

Step 6

Enter your e-mail address used in the previous PANEK application.

Wait for data migration in our system. You'll be on your way soon!

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our Customer Service.

Download the application PANEK

Install the application and find a car in the area!