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    Panek for Companies

    Maintaining your own fleet of vehicles is a huge burden for the company. This significantly affects the costs of doing business. We will help you avoid it!

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    Advantages of PANEK CS for Companies:

    • Simple administration panel
    • Full control of business travel
    • Employee access control to the service
    • Travel cost control
    • One VAT invoice

    With the PANEK for Business service you will avoid:

    • Leasing installments
    • insurance costs
    • Service and oil change costs
    • repair costs
    • Parking costs in the SPP
    Did you know that...

    A company car is used on average 5% of the time?

    Change it and pay only for the time spent in the car and the kilometers traveled.

    Availability guarantee

    PANEK CarSharing offers 2,500 cars available throughout Poland, covering the largest agglomerations and smaller cities. We boast 5 thousand rentals every day, and now we are waiting for you and your company too!

    Nationwide coverage

    With PANEK for Companies you can handle business matters in your city, as well as make business trips around the country. You will also find us at every international airport and in many shopping malls.

    Mobile application

    Access to the PANEK for Business service will be provided by a simple and clear application, thanks to which your employees will find and rent cars on their own

    Did you know that...

    Each company in Poland receives on average X invoices for maintaining the fleet?

    With PANEK dla Firm you will receive one invoice, because all costs are included in one convenient car rental service for kilometers and days.

    Benefits for your company

    No own fleet

    No car maintenance costs

    Discount up to 10%

    Get travel discounts for your employees

    Easy fleet management

    The management panel and applications in phones are all you need

    Availability throughout Poland

    2000 cars in our service. Manage them in the app

    All costs included

    PANEK maintains its cars in the best technical condition, so you can focus only on driving

    Costs control

    Don't waste your money on a fleet parked in front of your business. Use and pay only for the real time the vehicle is used in the company.

    Did you know that...

    The cost of introducing the system for the fleet is even PLN 100,000?

    Leave it to us! We comprehensively service the entire fleet of our vehicles

    • Full control

      Overview of travel routes

      In the administration panel you can have all employees on one map. You will check the route and travel time, as well as optimize costs by setting the optimal route.

    • Fleet manager

      Convenient billing of journeys

      You independently manage access to the PANEK for Business service, control the funds on your account.

    • Convenient billing of journeys
      One invoice

      Convenient billing of journeys

      With our administration panel, you can conveniently settle business trips of your employees. All settlements are in one place!

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    I agree to the processing of my personal data provided in the form by PANEK S.A. for the purpose of processing the application.

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