Buy Smart Protection

What do you get?

You will not pay for any damage caused during collision

You don't have to worry when someone scratches your car in the parking lot

Additionally, in the Smart Week subscription you do not pay the starting fee for the whole week

Choose your option and check the benefits

 Smart RideSmart Week
No liability for damages *
Starting fee
5,99 PLN
0,00 PLN
3,99 PLN
9,99 PLN

The Smart Week subscription extends automatically.

Activate in the application before starting the rental in the PROMOTIONS section.

Check what you gain from the prepay.

Get a bonus up to 50 PLN on prepayments!

The value of individual bonuses:

  • For 100 PLN you will receive an additional 1 PLN
  • For 200 PLNyou will receive an additional 5 PLN
  • For 500 PLNyou will receive an additional 20 PLN
  • For 1000 PLN you will receive an additional 50 PLN

and also:

  • One invoice instead of many
  • Covers all car models
  • Option to choose prepayment in the amount of 100, 200, 500, 1000 PLN

Lower rate

For selected cars

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Bonus 10 PLN

Refuel your CarSharing car!

Get a 40 PLN

Wash the CarSharing Car on your own!

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