CarSharing in Wrocław

From our perspective, it is a cheerful city of open-minded people. It is here that the tallest residential building in Poland is located and on the streets you can meet dwarfs.
Thanks to the action initiated in 2001, everyone can put their figure of a small gnome on the street and thus enter the register of dwarves. There are already over 120 of them.

The Market Square in Wrocław is second only to the Market Square in Cracow. You can eat here in the oldest restaurant, which is more than 730 years old, and walk in the beautiful surroundings of old tenement houses. In the evening you can admire the city from the perspective of one of the many bridges and there is plenty to choose from, because Wroclaw has the fourth largest number of bridges in Europe.

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Additional special car parks in Wrocławiu


We offer 5 places marked with the PANEK CarSharing logo. Special car park is located on the right side of the car park (at the entrance from Płaskowicka street). The car park is available 24/7.

Wrocław - We are putting to use a special parking zone at the Wrocław Airport. In order to park there you need to collect a ticket entering the airport area as close to the exit gates as possible, and then insert the ticket into the gate entering the parking lot C. The machine issues an updated ticket, which should be left on the dashboard.

Wrocław Lotnisko

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