How does carsharing work?

    CarSharing is a car rental system using a mobile phone - you pay only for the kilometers traveled. You do not incur the costs of fuel, parking in paid parking zones, inspections and insurance. Find the car on the map of the mobile application, drive, and then leave the car within the PANEK CarSharing zones.

    • Download the app

    • Register in mobile application

    • Wait for the confirmation of account

      You will receive it by e-mail after data verification (up to 60 minutes)

    • Find a car on the map in the app and reserve it

    • Open the car with your phone

    • Check the car and go wherever you want

      After the rental, leave the car in the selected Panek zone

    Cheaper than taxi

    24/7 unattended access

    Returns in major cities

    Automatic Transmissions

    Free city car parks

    Hybrid and electric cars

    No driving time charges

    No deposit

    Trips abroad

    No fuel costs

    Access throughout Poland

    Passenger cars, vans and FUN

    Download the application PANEK

    Install the application and find a car in the area!