See how it works!

CarSharing system of car rental for minutes, hours and days with the use of a mobile phone. You only pay for the time and the kilometres you have travelled. You do not have to pay for fuel, parking in paid parking zones, maintenance and insurance. Register in the system and use cars located in and around Warsaw. Find a car on the mobile app map of your phone, drive and then leave the car where you want it within the PANEK CarSharing zone.

Download the application

You will find it at:


In a mobile application. Prepare your driving license and your payment card.

Wait for the confirmation of your account activation

You will receive it to the e-mail address provided during the registration process after a successful verification of the data by our Consultant (it will take only 60 minutes).

Find your car on the mobile app map and book it

You have 10 minutes to get to the car.

Open the car with your phone

Select the "Start rental" option in the mobile application.

Prepare to drive and check for any damage

Report it to your mobile app, you have 3 free minutes to do it.

Drive wherever you want.

After having finished the rental, leave your car in the PANEK Zone in a generally accessible place. We also provide you with instructions that you can read now.

Download the application PANEK CarSharing

Install the application and find a car in the area!