Visit the Czech Republic and Slovakia 

As the first CarSharing in Poland, we give you the opportunity to go abroad. Are you planning a business trip or dreaming of a holiday with our southern neighbors? Or maybe you are going skiing and dream of skiing on the southern slopes of the High Tatras? From now on you can travel around the Czech Republic and Slovakia by car from the application. 

See how easy it is:

  • Find a car in the app and start rental 
  • Before crossing the border, turn on roaming on your phone 
  • Travel with no extra border crossing fees 
  • Fuel is always included in the rental price (fuel card in the glove compartment) 
  • Travel "there and back" or complete your rental abroad at PANEK outlets for an additional fee* 

Your way to travel


Abroad, refuel at OMV stations with the Routex fuel card located in the car, in the passenger compartment


Remember that abroad parking in the city is paid. Please respect local paid parking rules


For the correct operation of the application, always keep roaming on your phone

Attractive fleet

Find in the app and rent one of the 1,000 cars of various classes equipped with an automatic transmission

Drive safely

Before leaving, get acquainted with the local vehicle equipment regulations and comply with traffic regulations

Travel without limits

Drive there and back or end your rental at one of the PANEK specialty points in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava*

Our locations


Explore South Moravia and discover the attractions of Brno and the surrounding area. Traveling further by plane? You can end your rental at the special car park at Brno-Turany Airport 


Travel to the Czech Republic and visit the attractions of the capital. Traveling further by plane? You can end your car rental at the special car park at Prague Airport. Vaclav Havel or in the gallery at Budějovická 64/1667 street.  


Explore the sights of the Czech Republic and discover the attractions of Ostrava. Learn about the history of the city and visit the elegant clubs. If you travel further by plane, you can end your rental at the special car park at Ostrava Airport 


Discover Slovakia, visit monuments and learn about the culture of our southern neighbors. If you want to travel further by plane, you can end your rental at the special parking lot at Bratislava M.R. Airport. Stefanik 

Panek CS auto

* The additional fee for the termination of rental in the foreign PANEK zone is 380 PLN

Download the application PANEK

Install the application and find a car in the area!