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Punkty obsługi:

Punkty obsługi:

Centrum LIM – Hotel Marriott
Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, 00-697 Warszawa
Godziny otwarcia:
Pon.-Pt. 9:00-17:00
Oddział Warszawa Airport – Modlin,
ul. Generała Wiktora Thommee 1, 05-160 Warszawa
Godziny otwarcia:
Pon.-Nd. 9:00-21:00
Oddział Warszawa Airport – Okęcie,
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 1, 02-179 Warszawa
Godziny otwarcia:
Pon.-Pt. 7:00-22:00


How do I book / rent a car?

As soon as you open the application you will see the map of all available cars. Make sure you have access to the Internet and location services.

Find a car on the map, select it by clicking on its icon. You will see information about your car and possible actions on the screen. To book a car click the "Book this car" button. Then you have 15 minutes to get to the car and open it using the "Start rental" command. If you do not open the car within this time, your reservation will automatically expire and the car will be available to other users.

NOTE: when making a reservation and not using it, or extending it several times, you block the car and prevent other people from using it. If this continues, you may be warned by our Customer Service Office. Because of this, the car may also be locked automatically and will no longer be visible to you in the application.

What is a PANEK zone?

The area visible in the mobile application (marked blue) where you can start and terminate the rental.

I see a car, but I can't rent it...

This car is most likely reserved or used by another customer or is excluded for technical reasons.

How do I open and lock my car?

You can open and lock your car using the mobile app installed on your phone. On the smartphone screen, select the appropriate command "Start rental" or "Finish rental".

If you want to use the "STOP-OVER" function, i.e. a break in the journey during the rental, then you also lock and open the car using the mobile application.

NOTE: It may happen that the application due to the low GPS coverage will inform you that you cannot open the car because you are too far away even though you are standing next to it. In this case to open the car, use the QR code on the triangular pane of the driver's door. When the code is scanned correctly, the car will open ready to use.

If you have followed all the instructions and the car still does not start up, please contact Customer Service Office.

What should I do before I drive?

Before you open the car you will be asked to complete a report about any damage and cleanliness both inside and outside. It is important for you and other users of the system to fill in the report thoroughly so that you are not responsible for the damage caused by other users.

After you have opened your car, you have 3 free minutes to do the above and to prepare for the drive. For your safety, set up your driver's seat, mirrors, steering wheel height, fasten your belt and turn on the headlights (if the weather requires it).

How do I start my car?


  1. Press and hold the brake with your right foot.
  2. Press the POWER button on the steering column. The READY light on the dashboard lights up.
  3. Press the brake and change gear (D ­– driving forwards, R – driving backwards).

CAUTION: The car is equipped with a hybrid motor, so when starting and during parking manoeuvres you use an electric motor which you cannot hear


  1. Take the key out of the glove box and insert it into the ignition.
  2. Press the brake with your right foot.
  3. Turn the key.
  4. Change the position of the automatic transmission and release the handbrake.

  1. Take the key out of the glove box and insert it into the ignition.
  2. Press the clutch all the way.
  3. Turn the key.
  4. Select the correct gear and release the handbrake.

  1. Take the key out of the box between the seats and insert it into the ignition.
  2. Press the brake with your right foot.
  3. Turn the key until the READY indicator appears.
  4. Change the position of the automatic transmission and release the handbrake.

  1. Press the clutch all the way.
  2. Turn the key.
  3. Select the correct gear and release the handbrake.

How do I finish my rental?

Park your car in accordance with the traffic regulations. You can't finish your rental in places like:

  • underground car park
  • private car park
  • multilevel car park
  • spaces with access restricted for other users (barriers, closed car parks, etc.).

Move the gearbox to "P", press the POWER button without pressing the brake pedal and leave the vehicle (make sure you have switched off the lights and closed all windows).

The "Finish your rental" button will appear in the application, use it when you are out of the car and wait until the car locks. Check by pulling on the handle to be sure.

The car does not start.

Make sure that you have followed the instructions for starting the journey (large sticker over the glove compartment).

The car may not start if you shift your gearbox before the READY light is displayed.

Can I go from Warsaw to another city?

You can travel wherever you want in Poland. Remember, however, that it is only possible to finish your rental within a PANEK Zone and in special car parks in the city from which you took your car.

NOTE: You may encounter small islands near the main zone area. You can use the service to move freely between these locations.  


Our fleet

We have a fleet of 1000 Toyota Yaris hybrid cars, 100 Toyota Corolla cars and 10 Electric Smart cars. The cars are equipped with a backup camera and a Bluetooth multimedia system that can be connected to a phone placed in a holder mounted for your convenience. There is also a charging cable in the car to charge your phone in the three most popular standards.  Cars are equipped with the ISOFIX system, which allows you to install child seats. A maximum of 5 people can travel by the car, including the driver.  Our fleet also includes Polonez Caro, which can be used thanks to the PANEKcs mobile application. 

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid drive is a combination of a traditional combustion engine and an electric motor. A car can be silent when starting up and driving at a low speed and does not emit exhaust fumes then because it is running on an electric motor. It selects its own driving mode and, if necessary, switches on and off the electric and combustion engines. It charges during braking and driving up when you are not using the accelerator.

Automatic gearbox

The vehicle has only an accelerator and brake, which are operated only with your right foot (the left foot is not used while driving). When you change gears to D, the car will start rolling forwards. When you change gears to R, the car will start rolling backwards. Remember that the stop-over and finishing the rental are possible only when the gearbox is left in the "P" position.

Where can I find the keys and documents?

In the new service Toyota Yaris has no key. You can start the car only by pressing the POWER button.

Toyota Corolla and Smart have a key, which you will find in the glove box or between the seats.

Each car has an instruction manual and stickers to help you find everything you need to drive. In the box you will also find a fuel card which you can use to refuel your car and get a discount.

What is in your car's equipment?

Our cars are very well equipped. Apart from the automatic gearbox, there is also 2-zone automatic air conditioning, 7 airbags, a large colour touch screen and a backup camera.

In addition, the car features a multifunction steering wheel, an audio system with 6 speakers, a Bluetooth system, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors, electric windows and an ISOFIX system. For the comfort of the customer, the cars are also equipped with a multifunctional charger and a phone holder.


Where can I park my CarSharing car?

Always park your car only where it is allowed. If you want to finish the rental, park your car in a PANEK zone or in a special car park, if you want to use the "STOP-OVER" function, you can park your car in any allowed place that has GSM coverage (without it you will not be able to use the application).

NOTE: If you want to park your car in an underground garage or in a place with limited GPS access, you can do so using the QR code. However, you will not be able to finish your rental in such a place.

Parking costs in the city's Paid Parking Zone?

PANEK CarSharing cars automatically pay for their parking in the city's Paid Parking Zone in Warsaw, even if you use the "STOP-OVER" function.

NOTE: if you select the "STOP-OVER" function in a paid parking zone other than Warsaw, you are responsible for paying for the parking fee.

Where can I finish my rental?

The rental can be finished within a PANEK Zone, the city's paid parking zone and special car parks, excluding private car parks and restricted areas (barriers, underground parking, closed car parks, etc.). Remember to park in accordance with the road traffic regulations. It is important that the car is available to other people after the end of your rental period.

Where must I not finish my rental?

In a place where there are any restrictions on access to the car, e.g. time restrictions (car parks closed at night), financial restrictions (fees except for Paid Parking Zone and special car parks) or physical restrictions (barriers, gates, etc.). You will not finish your rental outside the PANEK Zone either.

Remember also that you must not finish the rental and use the "STOP-OVER" function in a place where there is no GSM coverage - e.g. in underground parking lots or in places which are not in accordance with the road traffic regulations.

What is the difference between finishing the rental and the "STOP-OVER" function?

"STOP-OVER" is a break in your journey during the rental period. Use this function if you want your car to wait for you. The function is activated when "STOP-OVER-Lock the door" is selected in the application. You will pay PLN 0.10 per minute for the stop-over, i.e. PLN 6 per hour. "STOP-OVER" will turn off automatically when you start the ignition of the car with the POWER button.

NOTE: If during the "STOP-OVER" you decide to finish your rental, you can do it remotely without approaching the car.

What are PANEK special car parks and how do I use them?

These are separate parking lots marked on the application map, which you can use on special terms. Several special car parks are currently available:

  • Okęcie Airport (places marked PANEK on P1 parking lot, level 7),
  • Modlin Airport (parking lot in front of the terminal)
  • parking lot of EMPARK building, Domaniewska Street (Mordor)
  • Blue City Shopping Center - from Opaczewska Street
  • Lublin Airport 

All special car parks can be found in the application.

In all special car parks you will finish the rental without incurring any parking costs. In the case of the "STOP-OVER" function at airports, you pay for parking according to the rules of the parking lot.

The rules for entry and exit of special car parks at airports are as follows:

Entrance - collect the parking ticket in front of the barrier and leave it in the car at the end of the rental period.

Exit - to open the barrier, use the parking ticket in the car.



You are not obliged to refuel your car, but if you do this we will reward you with 10 PLN to be used for the next drives (details under the PROMOTIONS tab). When you select a car in the application, you will also find there information about the current fuel status.

If the fuel level is too low to drive, the car will not be visible on the application map until our technical service has refuelled it.

NOTE: If the fuel level is too low (5% or less), your car will not be visible until it has been refuelled by our technical service.

Where will I refuel my car?

Only at ORLEN and BLISKA petrol stations accepting FLOTA cards. You can refuel your car in a non-cash transaction using the card in the car glove compartment. Use only Pb95 to refuel. You will find the fuel card PIN on the back of the card.

What fuel should I use?

Refuel only with Pb95 petrol and always fill it up. A sticker on the fuel filler will also remind you of the type of fuel you need.

How do I open the fuel filler?

There is a lever on the left next to the driver's seat. When you pull it, the filler opens automatically.


Visit our Promotions section

All current promotions can be found under a tab on our website.


How much does it cost to use PANEK CarSharing?


  • PLN 0.65 for each commenced kilometre of driving
  • PLN 0.50 per each commenced minute of rental
  • PLN 0.10 per minute in the "STOP-OVER" function
  • PLN 90 per day (maximum fee for 24 hours of using the car during one rental period)


  • PLN 0.70 for each commenced kilometre of driving
  • PLN 0.60 per each commenced minute of rental
  • PLN 0.10 per minute in the "STOP-OVER" function
  • PLN 120 per day (maximum fee for 24 hours of using the car during one rental period)


  • PLN 0.65 for each commenced kilometre of driving
  • PLN 0.70 per each commenced minute of rental
  • PLN 0.10 per minute in the "STOP-OVER" function


  • PLN 0.79 for each commenced kilometre of driving
  • PLN 0.79 per each commenced minute of rental
  • PLN 0.20 per minute in the "STOP-OVER" function
  • PLN 1000 per day (maximum fee for 24 hours of using the car during one rental period)


How much will I pay for a specific drive (rental)?

After you have finished your rental you will receive an e-mail from us with full information about the amount of money you have to pay, your driving time (including "STOP-OVER" time) and the number of kilometres you have travelled.

Payments are made automatically by means of a payment card registered in the system.

NOTE: In the application you can price your journey, additionally all costs are calculated "live" and displayed in the application. You can also check the payment history on your account in the application.

How and when do I pay for using the service?

Payments are made automatically by means of a payment card registered in the system.

NOTE: In case of rentals lasting longer than 24 hours, the system will charge the payment card with the daily rate after 24 hours from the moment of starting the rent.

What means of payment are accepted?

Any payment, debit or credit cards issued in your name. The card must have a recurring and correspondent transactions options enabled. Please note that your payment card details can be updated at any time by logging into your service account.

Can I get an invoice for my rental?

A rental invoice is automatically generated at the end of each rental period and sent to the e-mail address provided during the registration process.  

If you would like to receive an invoice for your company, please enter your company invoice details when registering your account. You can also add your company invoice details to your individual account. To do this, go to the customer panel in the WEB application.

What are correspondence payments on payment cards?

This is an option that allows to collect money from your payment card remotely without using a payment terminal.

Why does my payment card have a "rejected" status?

Adding a payment card in the service requires you to enter its data using the application or website after logging in. After redirecting the application to the bank's website, the activation fee should be confirmed by entering the 3DSecure code, which we receive by SMS or in the browser window.

If the system has not accepted the card, please contact your bank in order to verify the MOTO payment limits.

The card may be rejected for the following reasons:
- MOTO/eCommerce/subscription payments are deactivated,
- the bank rejected the transaction due to security settings (e.g. the card does not support recurring payments or does not have a CVV code),
- blocking of funds or exceeding the limit for the number or amount of transactions,
- the card does not support online payments/MOTO,
- the transaction was not finished by entering the 3DSecure code (in the browser it is displayed in a pop-up window; if the pop-up window does not appear, you should unblock this option in the browser or add the card using the application in which case the code is received via SMS).

Why was there no redirection to the bank during the card connection?

After entering the payment card data, you will be redirected to the banking system through opening a new browser window.

If the redirection has not taken place, check whether your browser has not blocked the pop-up window.

This information will appear in the upper right corner of your browser.


What to do in case of an accident?

In the event of any traffic accident, first make sure that nobody is hurt and notify the appropriate services if necessary. Then secure the scene and call our 24-hour hotline on (+48) 690 20 20 20 immediately and follow the instructions.

Car damage report

The report starts every time the rental starts. For your own safety, carefully inspect the car before starting each rental and fill in the report carefully in the application.

NOTE: If the damage in the reserved car turns out to be too great, you have the possibility to cancel the rental without any costs. We would be grateful if you could contact our Customer Service Office for any damage that does not appear in the history of the report.

Insurance and liability

Every car in the fleet of PANEK CarSharing is insured. Information about your liability for damage can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Changing driver during the rental period?

This is not allowed. Only a person who is a Customer within the meaning of the Terms and Conditions is entitled to drive a car during the rental period.

Police control

In the case of police control, you will find the car documents (insurance policy and registration certificate) in the glove compartment.


Is it possible to transport children?

Yes, it is possible in a private child seat, which you can easily mount in the car (the ISOFIX system is available in the back seats).

Can animals be transported?

Yes, but only in a suitable carrier. The Customer shall be liable for any damage or dirt caused by the animal.

I have left my personal belongings

Try to get back to the car you were driving as soon as possible. If available, book it and use 3 free minutes to take your belongings.

If your car is no longer available, please contact our hotline on (+48) 690 20 20 20.