CarSharing in Lublin

It's called the City of Inspiration for a reason. Lublin was the first city to introduce exceptional conditions for the development of hybrid cars in Poland and thanks to that it was the first one on the road to the development of CarSharingu PANEK. Lublin, also called the "Jewish Oxford" and "Jerusalem of the Polish Kingdom", for 700 years was a city where Jewish science, culture, Hebrew and Yiddish language developed strongly.

Cebularz, forszmak and pierogi are specialties of regional cuisine, which you can enjoy in Lublin. For gourmets it is worth recommending the legendary Czarcia Łapa (Devil's Paw), which, apart from the place where you can eat, is a kind of legend.

The streets of Lublin can be reached by trolley bus. Such a journey is the standard for locals, but for visitors can be exciting. According to estimates, Lublin has almost 335 thousand inhabitants, 20% of whom are students. It is a vibrant city, where culture, modernity and traditions intertwine every day.

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Additional special car parks in Lublin


From 25.01.2019 our customers can use the parking lot at Lublin Airport free of charge. Both car parks A and B are at your disposal.
If you want to end your rental in this car park, you only need to collect a ticket at the barrier and leave it in your car.
If you want to start your rental and leave the car park by car, the ticket should be collected at the Parking Service Office, which is located at the terminal.

Lublin Airport

From 04.02.2019 to your disposition we offer special parking zone at IKEA in Lublin. The car park is available 24/7. You can finish your rent at marked spots in zone B01.

Lublin Ikea

At Lublin's Science and Technology Park, we offer 6 free of charge parking spots, which are placed from the side of Franczaka Street (3 spots) and from Dekutowskiego Street (another 3 spots). The parking lot is public, without barriers or parking meters. It is dedicated to visitors, employees, and other companies/offices/institutions.

Empark Panek

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